Over The Moon

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I design and order a “Custom Kids” custom bedding set?

If you go to our Store Locations page, you can find your nearest store to schedule a time to visit their Design Center. They will help you pick out fabrics and choose a style. You will then be able to see your bedding and accessories design online at our very own Pine Creek Bedding Custom Kids Design Center. The store will place your order for you!

2. Can we purchase or order bedding directly from Pine Creek?

No, we are a manufacturer and sell our products to retail stores. A list of our retail stores is provided under the Store Locations link.

3. Where can I purchase Pine Creek Bedding?

Go to the Store Locations button and click the US map on your state and see a list of stores in your area.

4. Can I have a catalog of Pine Creek Bedding?

All current bedding is shown on our website. You can call or Contact Us if you need any information on an item which is not listed. We only offer catalogs to retail bedding stores. If you represent a store you can go to the Contact Us link to request one. If you are a retail customer, please contact a store in your area.

5. I need to match paint, carpet or other items to the bedding I am ordering. How can I get swatches of the fabrics used in the bedding?

The store from which you ordered bedding can order swatches from us to be mailed directly to you.

6. What is the fabric content, and what comes in a four-piece set?

Many of our fabrics are 100% cotton. We also offer synthetic velours, silk blends, linen/cotton blends. Some items contain machine washable polyester batting. The four piece set consists of a coverlet, bumper pads, a fitted sheet, and dust ruffle.

7. Can we buy extra fabric yardage? How soon can we get it?

Yes, you can purchase fabric by the yard (whole yards only) from a retailer. Go to the store where you purchased your bedding, or go to the "Store Locations" button for a list of stores. We are usually able to ship “fabric only” orders within 4 business days (if we have the fabric in stock), but see your retailer for their ordering guidelines.

8. What should I do if a store cannot answer my questions?

We understand that we are the ultimate experts on our bedding, but as much as possible, you need to work with the retail stores.