Pine Creek: Sorting Swatch Ring Fabrics

We are discontinuing fabrics in this newsletter.  If you have trouble finding a discontinued swatch, please let me know.  We left the discontinued swatches on our informational website until 2/15/16, so that you can use it to figure out what it looks like. I've also attached a photo of two stripes that we are dropping, because the Candyland Stripe is dropped but not on the website any more.

When you need to sort through all the fabric swatches to find a particular fabric, do you ever use our informational website?

Here is a tutorial:
go to
scroll down to the bottom of the home page and there are three pink buttons
click on "View Fabrics" button
it takes you to all the fabrics and you can scroll down to look at all fabrics (newest fabrics are first)
But up at the top of the swatch scans, there are sort buttons.
1. You can type in a fabric number like 479 in the "Stock number" box and click the pink "apply" button and it will show you the Spring Stripe by sorting the numbers.

2. You can sort by color with a drop-down menu of colors and click "apply" and have it show you only the color you need: ie blue fabrics so that you can see all the coordinates in one color, like "blues" to see blue, navy, aqua, etc.

3. You can also sort fabrics by "Category" type in a drop down menu.  So that you can see all the sheeting fabrics at once.  Or all the dots or stripes or florals, or all the colors of velours, etc.

I hope this helps and that it will be a handy tool!
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