Luxurious Fabrics with a Metallic or Glittery Sheen

Our Harper crib bedding set pairs grey with cream and linen.  These fabrics have a metallic sheen or sparkle for a glamorous crib bedding set!  Paired with a Silver Velvet fabric and champagne-colored satin ribbons, you've got texture and sheen galore!

We love the Grey textured fabric on this crib rail guard, so we are trying to decide if we should add the same fabric in gold?  What's your opinion about gold in the nursery?  Do you love pink with gold for a girly look? 

Spring Educational Show in Florida 2016

The attached collage is of bedding we provided for Baby's Dream Furniture and Romina Furniture booths at the spring show in Tampa.

Spring Show Special applies to display bedding for your floor (any size of custom bedding cradle-crib-big kid or Over the Moon groups)

10% off one set with a coordinating accessory

15% off two sets with accessories

20% off three or more sets with accessories

(please mention the discount on the order and it ends May 26)

Nottingham crib set

We added a set called Nottingham to our catalog recently and I have these photos of it on a variety of cribs.  Here are the photo credits:
The Romina Nerva photos are from Baby Furniture Plus Kids' facebook page with the new Artesian finish.
The Romina Imperio crib photo from Baby Furniture Plus Kids is also fun with this set, and we think it looks great on rustic-type finishes or even darker finishes.
We named the set Nottingham because we showed it on Baby's Dream Nottingham slate crib at the fall ABC Show.

Pine Creek Bedding Designer Bedding: Nottingham

This new set that we introduced at the ABC Show is selling through really well already.

It has an arrow-stripe geometric with shades of stone-grey-tan for neutral colors that will fit into many nursery themes for boys.

You could consider this bedding for the safari room with the "You are our greatest adventure" monogram pillow.

Pine Creek Bedding Bright Set

Do you want a bright girly crib set with Spring Paisley and Orchid purple ruffles?  You can show the crib with one or two rail guards.

We've noticed that some moms want elegant-princess-girly nursery and at the other side of the spectrum is the mom that prefers a really bright and cheerful girly nursery with trendy bright colors like coral/aqua/orchid and lime...

Nottingham: woodland theme

Here are some photos that showcase how our fabrics are complimentary with a rustic/woodland/teepee/adventure/deer decor.
But our fabrics are classy and timeless and could easily work with any theme (nautical, transportation, etc).

So with a crib sheet in an arrow print or woodland art and accessories, you get a great nursery with bedding that won't look "dated" for the next baby if they re-use it in a few years and styles have changed.

Swatch Ring Update and New Fabrics from Pine Creek Bedding

It's a lot of work for you to update your swatches and catalogs and check that your display sets are current and priced for 2016!  We appreciate that you take the time to do this.  Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Ascot Baby Bedding from Pine Creek Bedding

Ascot geometric bedding introduced at the ABC Show has the dark navy trims.
It could be bedding in a puppy theme room, transportation theme room, etc depending on the accessories in the nursery. 
We added this fabric as a recommendation by stores because it sells well on their chairs as a neutral color/pattern for the nursery.

Pine Creek: Sorting Swatch Ring Fabrics

We are discontinuing fabrics in this newsletter.  If you have trouble finding a discontinued swatch, please let me know.  We left the discontinued swatches on our informational website until 2/15/16, so that you can use it to figure out what it looks like. I've also attached a photo of two stripes that we are dropping, because the Candyland Stripe is dropped but not on the website any more.

When you need to sort through all the fabric swatches to find a particular fabric, do you ever use our informational website?

Traditional Bumper Pads

When used properly, traditional bumper pads can help prevent limb entrapments and head injuries.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the greatest risk is to an infant sleeping in the prone position or in a crowded sleep environment that includes pillows, cushions and adult bedding: Unsafe Sleep Hazards Associated with the Infant Sleep Environment and Unsafe Practices by Caregivers: A CPSC Staff Perspective.