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Poem Bedding on Sullivan Crib in Slate Finish

How do you find the perfect balance between the girly-girl glitzy decor that seems to be expected these days and your desire for something less froufy?  When you know you're having a girl, but you appreciate the more classic lines of a straight headboard, the Sullivan crib will catch your eye.  Shown here in a slate finish with pink and grey bedding, you can see that the tradition and style of this crib will ensure that the bed grows with your child.

More Stories Behind the Scene

What five year old girl doesn't like a little sparkle in her room?!  The hot pink gathered dust ruffle is made from Peony Weave fabric that has a silver tinsel thread that glitters.  With this to coordinate, how will she resist the Rosa VaVaVoom hot pink satin ruffles on her shams and round throw pillow?  They are a softer version that the glittery weave, so will be cozier up on the bed.  Sparkles are great, but a girl needs to be cozy too!

Stories Behind the Bedding

This big girl room has a 12 year old girl that loves her room because it has bright, happy colors.  She's too old to sleep with her stuffed animal, but her favorite bear will stay on her book shelf as a happy keepsake.  A few years ago the bed was covered with stuffed animals, but now she's actually keeping her bed made so that she can come home from school and flop down on the duvet with a book while she listens to some music to unwind.

Blush and Gold crib bedding

For the fashionista in all of us, the need to follow color trends in our clothing and bedding is instinctual.  We all know when we love a new trend, because we search it out as we shop for new purchases.

One of the most exciting new purchases to plan is the nursery decor.  When we are expecting our baby, our hopes and dreams get wrapped up in the decorating of their room.  We look for the perfect crib and baby bedding and plan the wall colors and decor items too.

Reply from a Customer about Swatch Rings

Hi Daphne, the pics that you sent as samples for displaying swatches really helped. We got inspired and Marie separated and hung all the swatches.

It looks a million times better.  Next week we will sit down and design a new set for the floor.

Thanks so much for sending over all the info.



Do you ever have trouble finding a fabric?

Do you ever have trouble finding a fabric you need for a custom bedding project, but you know it's on the rings somewhere!  It can really slow you down if you are searching for one fabric for a long time.  So I've got a tip for you! 

If you need a specific type of fabric and don't want to sort through all your swatches to find it, you can use our website to see your choices, and then search for your favorite swatch ring choice on the real fabric swatches.

Pine Creek fabric swatches

Do you have a great system for organizing your fabric swatch samples?  I've attached photos of several swatch displays (thank you to Susan with Rooms to Grow, Carie with Simply Baby and Carol with Beds Plus Kids Stuff for sharing your swatch display areas!)  I'd love to have a photo of your swatch area that I can share with stores that ask "how do I get this mess of fabrics to work for me?!)

Pine Creek Bedding Bumper Information

A store asked me about the bumper tie placement for the Haven Lifestyle crib, so I sent out this email to my address book yesterday.

If you are looking for a variety of bumper styles and tie placements, please consider our custom bedding program.

For example, for the cribs like the new Haven Lifestyle crib with the solid wood back, you could order a 3-sided bumper with the ties moved away from the corners.  There is not a way to tie the bumper to the solid wood headboard, so our Style 01B 3-sided bumper at the bottom of page 16 of the custom worksheets is a great solution.

I Married a Handyman

How do you know you married a handyman? I brought my bedding steamer to him because it stopped working. He took it apart, cleaned out the tiny pump, muttered technical babble about moving parts with magnets, mentioned that it gets blisteringly hot (probably quietly burned his fingers a few times in the process of putting it back together) and it works like new again! He was that kid that took apart a watch and then had to hide the pieces that sprung out. And he always keeps his set of tiny screwdrivers in the kitchen junk drawer, so that he can fix things like the kids' glasses.